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Cover-More Group IT Success Story with Gartner

Hear Nicki Doble, Group CIO at Cover-More Group discuss how she creates value for her enterprise with the help of Gartner. Operating in the global travel insurance and medical assistance sector, Cover-More Group works across multiple geographic regions; and required strategic guidance on a range of topics including cost optimization, cost out initiatives, cybersecurity as […]

Voiceplus IT Success Story with Gartner

Hear Michael Giffney, CEO at Voiceplus discuss how he creates value for his enterprise with the help of Gartner. Competing against larger companies within the telecommunications industry, Voiceplus needed strategic advice in areas such as competitive analysis and benchmarking. Gartner analysts provided specialist support and empowered Michael with the resources and information he needed on […]

Gartner Sales Insight: Elevating Sales Interaction Value

Sales leaders often attribute this lack of customer access to a failure on the part of sellers to deliver enough value as part of a typical sales interaction. However, in studying ways to address this access challenge‚ Gartner’s research found a different reality altogether. The problem is rooted far less in reps’ struggles to sell […]

Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2019

Join 3,000+ data & analytics leaders in March to learn the latest technologies & trends such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Digital Twins, IoT and more!