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Review of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich is a book about mindset. Hill’s book is based on 20 years’ worth of research conducted by Napoleon Hill himself, on the request of Andrew Carnegie (a steel tycoon and the richest man on earth at the time) Hill interviewed some phenomenally successful people in his question to find a ‘Philosophy of Personal Achievement’ for Carnegie.

Of the hundreds of people that Hill interviewed were Alexander Graham Bell, Henry Ford, John D Rockefeller, Thomas Edison, Charles M Schwab, George Eastman and William Wrigley Jr. Using the insight given by these phenomenally successful people of the time, he put together thirteen steps and seventeen principles of success. The principles on which these ideas are based are as relevant today as they were when Dr Hill first put them together.

Many modern day self-help books appear to take their basis from Think and Grow Rich, and therefore Hill’s book is highly recommended to get a good grounding in ideas to help your success. Think and Grow Rich is an excellent book is you are looking for help to grow your business or a new entrepreneurial venture.

This book is the ultimate weapon for your empowerment toolkit – it teaches you how to get things done how to believe in yourself, and get others to do the same, how to surpass your goals. Discussing the contents of the book will not do it justice, as the original author has written a timeless classic that you really need to read.

Thirteen principles:

• Desire – You need to want something to make it happen. You need burning desire to achieve greatness.
• Faith – Belief in your desires through visualisation.
• Auto-Suggestion – Be feeding the subconscious we get closer to the end result.
• Specialised Knowledge – You need to be an expert in your product of service to achieve your desires.
• Imagination – That can be your limitation or give you the edge depending upon how you use it.
• Organised Planning – Moving from a state of desire to a state of action and result is achieved through planning.
• Decision – Reaching decisions promptly instead of procrastinating will lead to reaching your goals sooner.
• Persistence – Power of the Master Mind Is about achieving your goals through the people you know – those that are smarter than you and have achieved what you want can help you.
• The Mystery of Sex Transmutation – This can be taken to mean that the support and help from those you love can be invaluable, or it be about being inspired by your significant other.
• The Subconscious Mind – Concentrating on positivity, and removing negativity will get you much closer to your goals as your subconscious mind helps you achieve them.
• The Sixth Sense – Meditate and your mind will help you with answer and ideas.

The book is also excellent to help boost confidence, get through a difficult time in your life. What the book does not cause you to take action obviously, and I think that this is what some people are looking for – a step by step guide to success/motivation/riches.

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Review of The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson


The Slight Edge is another of those sorts of books that really gets you thinking about yourself, and your core values.  It is a concept so simple you’ll probably be thinking “yeah, I knew that”.  What the book does is points out to you the results of your actions, and that knowledge.

The book is about what makes one person successful and another not achieve their goals, and the books uses a concept called ‘the slight edge’, and this can either lead to a desirable or undesirable result.

The slight edge is a book that is likely to cause you to take action, and to correct a lot of the negative aspects in your life that stop you from achieving the goals that you set for yourself, or your business.  If you take up the advice in the book, you will stand to improve relationships, personal development, health and overall your life.

This is a book that was difficult to put down because it has the potential to massively benefit people’s lives in such a positive way.  The book has some really good advice, not anything that you don’t already know, but put in a way that will certainly make you think about your life, and how different it could be.

This book isn’t a set of steps that you would follow to find a successful life, instead it gives you once simple concept by which you can live your life and achieve success.  The book set a path through a number of truths that you cannot ignore, such as looking for ‘the silver bullet’ is not in most cases going to get you’re the success you desire – there is no quick way, although it is human nature that we desire such a situation.  Learn why that is.

Think about it, when you meet someone who is successful, what do you think?  Do you think that they were lucky, being in the right place at the right time, with the right product or service?  Do you think any further, as to how they came to be in the right place at the right time, and with the right product or service?  Learn why that is, and how you can do the same.

No matter what your goals in life, this book teaches you how you can get there.  How choices that at the time make little difference once way or the other to your life, over time build into something powerful that you mighr call ‘the slight edge’.  In the same way, not doing those things also moves you further from your goals.  Find out what you need to do to be achieving YOUR goals.

The book is revolutionary in nature for most people, unless of course you already know what ‘the slight edge’ is.  If you want to attain better achievements, this book will really help you to get there.  A very good investment to help you achieve success.

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Review of Leadership and Self-Deception by The Arbinger Institute

Leadership and Self-Deception by The Arbinger Institute is quite simply a game changer.  This book is so much more than a book about leadership – read it and you will not be able to put it down. Everything makes so much sense, and has the potential to massively improve both your working and private life.

Primarily the book looks at one of the most disruptive and negative influences in any relationship, and that is how you view others, and in turn how they view you. The book examines the psychology behind people’s actions and introduces a concept of being ‘in the box’. Understanding what being in the box is, and how to get out of it will make you a much better person, and will open up your perceptions to the world and the people around you.

If you’ve ever wondered why people act the way they do towards you, and at the same time, why you act in certain ways toward people knowing about ‘the box’ is a must.

The book follows a fictitious company called Zagrum, whose unique leadership has directly resulted in them becoming an industry leader. The book goes on to chronicle the process of teaching a new recruit, a manager called Tom, and the emotional journey and profound impact of what Zagrum teaches has on him.
The senior management of the company at a point adopted the unique management approach where the business had a very high chance of failure, to turn their fortunes around.

This book takes you through such a powerful concept; it is bound to improve productivity for businesses. It is an idea which should be used as the foundation upon which other concepts of efficiency can build to lead to yet greater levels of synergy, productivity and profitability.

Given the title, one would have expected the book to be examining a whole number of different ways in which we might improve productivity with our teams, but the surprising thing is that the whole book only covers one concept, ‘the box’, which is so much more powerful. The concept is so powerful that it will probably be one of the most powerful things you can do to improve your career prospects, your abilities, and the abilities of those around you. Seriously it is that good.

If you have troubles with clashes in personality, or a lack of teamwork within your business you need to read this book – the book take organizational performance and boils it down to a complex and yet simple aspect of everyone’s personality. Knowing about “the box” and how we get into it will immediately change you for the better, and change your relationships with those with whom you deal, for the better.

If you are having trouble communicating with your spouse or your children, you will also want to read this book. The concept is that powerful it has the ability to help you to understand what “being unreasonable” really means, and how you can overcome that problem before it becomes one.

Find out who you are, and how you can get out of the box and be a better you. It will probably be the best investment you make this year, possibly ever. This book is the sort of book that you would probably read year after year to remind yourself how to get back out of the box.

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How to build a business web site – Keyword Selection

Keyword Research

SEO Keyword Research

SEO Keyword Research

Let us start at the beginning – that’s a great place to start isn’t it?
It is a good idea to put together a business case for your site, to focus your effort on the goals of the site. The business case, or niche in which you wish to operate may well change due to this article – you are able by researching keywords to better understand you customers, niche and competition, all leading to a much stronger business case for your business plan.

What phrases or keywords are you targeting for your site?

Listen up! This is really important. You need to have keywords that people search for to be able to justify the cost of your time to create a site. If the site you’re putting together doesn’t have many people searching for the information / products / services that are on the site, then there will be no customers, and it is completely pointless.

Sure, this has caveats – you can advertise, but that’s going to cost a lot, and is it really worth it? Are there other opportunities, other keywords out there that are more easily attainable for you?

Understanding your Niche

First of all, you have a niche, right? You need a focus for your site; otherwise it will not make any sense. What you’re trying to achieve is to send people to your site as THE place to go for information on your niche.
Is there some aspect of your niche that customers are particularly interested in and how would you know? There are a number of ways that you can find what people really want – listen to people when they talk, look in the paper, look in internet forums and chat rooms that are associated with your niche. What are people asking for? Is you niche something that people talk about?
Is there a core phrase that you could use that would describe your niche?

Competitors – how do they rank, and why?

SEO - Understanding your Competition

SEO - Understanding your Competition

A good way to start to understand your competition is to open up your favourite search engine, let’s use Google, most people do, and type in a search that you would expect would find your site when you build it. The number underneath the search box once you have performed the search shows the number of pages that were found.
You can bet, the larger the number of results the more that people are searching for that term. Whilst the number of results has little to do with your customers, what it means is that other businesses have already done some research and found that there is a level of interest for that phrase or keyword. Not very scientific yet, and don’t try to base your site keywords on this approach!

What you can do here though, is to open up some of the results for your searches – these are your competitors.
Where are your competitors based? Is location a factor in what you intend to offer? Does your product or service entail your visiting your customers’ location? If it does, then it is likely that your location is going to form part of the keywords you choose.
Do your competitors offer something that you do not, or vice versa? Does that further refine your niche, and focus the potential keywords to use?

If you really wanted to get into the nitty gritty, you need to know for each of those sites, their age, the number of inbound and outbound links, page rank, body content – all these things are big factors in the ranking of that site.

Keyword and Search Term Tools

There are a few tools that allow you to understand the number of monthly searches that are performed for your core phrase, and how competitive it is. The good thing with these tools is that they are also able to suggest other keywords that may be applicable to your core phrase.
Some tools are:
Google Adwords Keyword Tool – free
Keyworddiscovery.com Keyword Research

Correct Keyword choice drives Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

As I mentioned earlier, if nobody searches for a particle search phrase, keyword or term, then this makes it very difficult to make money. Starting with a random set of search terms, or no search terms at all is going to make life more difficult in terms of SEO. Don’t worry, something can be done about it, but it entails refocussing the site toward the correct terms.

Given the right set of keywords: menus, categories, tags, and articles and backlinks can be produced that will help the site’s search engine rankings to increase over time. As you can probably see from the list of items that feature in making the site rank well, changing from the wrong keywords to the right ones is likely to require a lot of rework.

Can you choose keywords yourself, or should you pay someone to do it?

Due to the importance of getting the right keywords for you site, it is a good idea to spend a great deal of time researching the best terms, researching your competitors, niches and so on, before jumping in to creating a web site. There is nothing wrong with doing this yourself, although paying someone to do this is highly likely to yield sales way in excess of the initial outlay, and continue to do so for some time to come.

If you have never done keyword research before, and wish your business to do well online in relatively short timeframe, it is well worth paying for someone to choose the correct keywords for you. If is the same of SEO – you could spend years on this and not get it right, however, a professional could start getting very good results within three months.

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