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Green-tech and Industry 4.0: supporting a sustainable future

Imagine running your enterprise on current funds. No more revenues coming in. This is exactly how we are running our planet since July 29th known as ‘Earth Overshoot Day’[1], the day when our demands on ecological resources in a given year outstripped what the earth can generate. The United Nations (UN) recently issued a grim […]

The IT services predictions set to dominate 2022

The IT services predictions set to shape 2022

Four trends focusing on sustainability are expected to take hold next year within the IT services industry that are predicted to spell success for those that adapt quickly, new research claims. The trends, according to analyst firm Technology Business Research (TBR), will see a refinement of talent management approaches, decarbonisation and the widespread adoption of […]

Australia to lose as dominant digital economy by 2030 without strategy

Australia will not become a leading digital economy by 2030 without a full-scale national strategy

Australia’s ability to innovate and support the transformation of digital technologies will determine our economic future. Although we have previously held a leadership position, our failure to keep pace with global investment and growth in technology holds significant issues for the future of our economy. If we are to […] Australia’s ability to innovate and […]