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Review of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich is a book about mindset. Hill’s book is based on 20 years’ worth of research conducted by Napoleon Hill himself, on the request of Andrew Carnegie (a steel tycoon and the richest man on earth at the time) Hill interviewed some phenomenally successful people in his question to find a ‘Philosophy of Personal Achievement’ for Carnegie.

Of the hundreds of people that Hill interviewed were Alexander Graham Bell, Henry Ford, John D Rockefeller, Thomas Edison, Charles M Schwab, George Eastman and William Wrigley Jr. Using the insight given by these phenomenally successful people of the time, he put together thirteen steps and seventeen principles of success. The principles on which these ideas are based are as relevant today as they were when Dr Hill first put them together.

Many modern day self-help books appear to take their basis from Think and Grow Rich, and therefore Hill’s book is highly recommended to get a good grounding in ideas to help your success. Think and Grow Rich is an excellent book is you are looking for help to grow your business or a new entrepreneurial venture.

This book is the ultimate weapon for your empowerment toolkit – it teaches you how to get things done how to believe in yourself, and get others to do the same, how to surpass your goals. Discussing the contents of the book will not do it justice, as the original author has written a timeless classic that you really need to read.

Thirteen principles:

• Desire – You need to want something to make it happen. You need burning desire to achieve greatness.
• Faith – Belief in your desires through visualisation.
• Auto-Suggestion – Be feeding the subconscious we get closer to the end result.
• Specialised Knowledge – You need to be an expert in your product of service to achieve your desires.
• Imagination – That can be your limitation or give you the edge depending upon how you use it.
• Organised Planning – Moving from a state of desire to a state of action and result is achieved through planning.
• Decision – Reaching decisions promptly instead of procrastinating will lead to reaching your goals sooner.
• Persistence – Power of the Master Mind Is about achieving your goals through the people you know – those that are smarter than you and have achieved what you want can help you.
• The Mystery of Sex Transmutation – This can be taken to mean that the support and help from those you love can be invaluable, or it be about being inspired by your significant other.
• The Subconscious Mind – Concentrating on positivity, and removing negativity will get you much closer to your goals as your subconscious mind helps you achieve them.
• The Sixth Sense – Meditate and your mind will help you with answer and ideas.

The book is also excellent to help boost confidence, get through a difficult time in your life. What the book does not cause you to take action obviously, and I think that this is what some people are looking for – a step by step guide to success/motivation/riches.

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