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About Amalgex Group

About Amalgex Group

ABN: 66 898 992 829


Amalgex (pronounced amaljecs) Group PTY LTD based in Australia, was formed to help businesses become more effective and profitable, through the use of Business Coaching, Advertising and Information Technology. The name ‘Amalgex’ come from the combination of the words Amalgam of Excellence, which absolutely embodies our desires of the business.

We are based in sunny Brisbane in Queensland, Australia.

What do we do differently to our competitors?

We want to be seen as part of your company, and to work as a team to make your life easier and at the same time achieve your goals.

Amalgex Group – Our Mission

To be a dynamic and adaptive company, to be the best in the country at being able to help businesses become profitable, and allow business owners to live a better life.

Amalgex Group – Our Values

Amalgex Group’s mission is reinforced through it’s values, integrity, creativity, teamwork, humour and charity.


Dealings with customers, and dealings with colleages are conducted with the same integrity and honesty, so as to foster trust and respect. It is important to find these attributes in others, as this leads to better outcomes, better environments, closer involvement, and an overall consistent collaborative team across vendors and customers, and staff. We are pleased to have your trust, it is a great honour.


Finding ways to go about our business, and go about our customers’ business with increasing efficiency and skill is our desired outcome. To be entirely creative requires skill, which we seek to the highest calibre, and therefore expect the most entrepeneurial and inventive minds to continually push forward the value we offer to our customers. To achieve this goal, we encourage and promote creativity as this enabled both ourselves and our customers to be on the cutting edge of efficiency and profitability.


Putting together the creative forces of the minds of our staff, and our customers always leads to our best results. The culmination of integrity, trust, skill and creativity in our work leads to more efficient results, the most enjoyable and productive environments, and the best results all round. We enjoy achieving great things as a team of highly skilled experts.


Working with a person who has all the skills, motivation, creativity to achieve the desired outcomes is executed so much more effectively when it can be done with good humour. It makes us achieve more, be more relaxed, want to be at work and ultimately achieve our goals more effectively. We put a focus on having fun whilst we achieve our goals, which tends to also be seen in our customers, creating the desired outcomes, but putting smiles on the faces of all those involved.


Success is being able to help other people to help themselves. We are driven by our ability to help people to achieve more, and charity is the ultimate extension of that value. We are proud to know that our endeavours are not only achieving great things for our customers but also for those whose lives could most benefit from our philanthropy.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions that you would ike to have answered.

We look forward to helping you very soon!.